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Payment Terms And Conditions:

All payments for hardware and are up front by eftpos
or bank transfer.
Payments for I.T. work or other installations are to
be paid on  invoice, at completion of work unless
arrangements have been made.
All remote support jobs are charged up front by credit
card excepting approved business accounts.
Monthly business accounts can be provided subject
to usual credit checks
and criteria, including personal

Deposits may be required for larger jobs subject to
prior agreement.

We accept: Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheques,
and Direct
Bank Deposit.
Please confirm your payment method when you
accept our quote and
prior to commencement of work.
Thank you!

We accept: Eftpos, Mastercard and Visa.
Email & Spam Policy:

Emails received are considered private.
You will not be
placed on any emailing lists and will
not receive marketing
emails, monthly newsletters
or any other unwanted follow
up junk. We respect
your privacy. It's as simple as that!
Your email
address will never be disclosed to another party.

Sending spam and unsolicited marketing emails is
illegal in Australia. All Spam and unsolicited emails are
here: ACMA Website and here: SCAM WATCH
Take a look at these websites and report spammers,

Spammers IP addresses are tracked, logged and
by our webmaster and placed on world wide
security blacklists.

Exchanging Website Links:

All Sydney I.T. And Web customers receive a reciprocal
website link to
their site, if requested.
We may exchange links with similar Sydney based, tech
related websites subject to review by our webmaster.

We will not exchange links with SEO companies, unrelated
sites, sites
containing porn, violence or any other adult

If you have a similar
Sydney based I.T. or tech supply
business and are prepared to place
corresponding picture
and text back links to our site on your links page then click
the link here to:
contact our webmaster.

No SEO links, genius SEO experts, telemarketers,
spammers and definitely no overseas website links!

Phone, Skype & Telemarketers:

#2. No Skype cold calls or messages from spammers
telemarketers please. We report them to Skype!
#3. Please don't text us with inquiries! Phone, leave
       a message on Facebook, contact on Skype or
are preferred.  Thank you.

Our phone is used for personal and business use.
We are
registered on the Do Not Call Register! 
Therefore all cold calls
from telemarketers, call
centres and people offering amazing
products that
we don't want & will never buy including trade services

directories, ARE REJECTED! Furthermore we report
repeat cold
calls from telemarketing companies here:
Do Not Call Register

Warranty & Refunds:

All new hardware supplied is covered by the manufacturers
guarantee. Ex lease, second hand or pre owned equipment
may be covered for repairs up to three months warranty
from the date of purchase.

We do not provide refunds on the following, unless we are
clearly at fault:

#1. Second hand computers after three months from date
       of supply or invoice.
#2. Hardware that is ordered & pre paid for ex-stock at
       customers request.
#3. Phone or online I.T. Support.
#4. Installation work, labour or deliveries.

Unclaimed & Uncollected Goods:

We reserve the right to charge a fee for unclaimed &
unpaid for computers. Often people request work or
an upgrade on a computer and then forget to collect
it, sometimes for months, occasionally even years!

Under NSW Consumer Laws goods that are unclaimed
or uncollected may be disposed of  by the trader.
Written notice must be provided to the owner prior to
disposal, and time periods for this vary depending on
the value of the goods.

For more information please refer to the Fair Trading
NSW website, here:
NSW Unclaimed Goods Laws

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