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Upgrade To Windows Seven Ultimate.

On April 8th 2014 Microsoft stopped supporting Win XP.
If you are still running XP, your computer is at serious
risk of attack from hackers and threats from viruses,
trojans, spy-ware and malware. We can upgrade your
PC or  laptop to Windows 7 ultimate or Windows 10 Pro. 
This will speed up your computer considerably and help
protect it from the threat of cyber attacks.

We can tailor the Windows installation to suit the speed
of your own computer and install compatible free anti-
virus, anti spy-ware & and anti malware software.

* Minimum Hardware Requirements:
    (Recommended Dual Core Processor, 4GB Ram)
Hardware requirements:  Pentium 4, 2.4 Mhz processor
or faster, 2GB of RAM and 100 GB free hard drive space.
You also will need an external hard drive for your files,
photographs, music, documents etc.

Prices start at $165 plus OS, inc collection and delivery.

Windows XP to Windows 7 Upgrades.


Windows XP no longer receives security updates.
MS extended support for Windows 7 continues until 14/01/2020

Upgrade to Windows 7 or 10 today from $165.00

* Subject to availability of operating system. Plus collection and delivery fees.

  0418 252 262  For Details.

Current Stock - Desktop Computers.

*Pictures for illustration only. Screen not included, can be ordered separately.

  0418 252 262  For
& Delivery, Sydney Wide.

Ex-Lease HP Computers.

Hewlett Packard Desktop PC's 32 and 64 bit.

These are ex-lease dual or quad core business desktop PC -
workstations and are perfect for home use or small
business. They are very reliable machines. We have
of these boxes at our own homes & offices and 
have supplied many more to repeat satisfied customers. 
PC's are supplied fully cleaned & tested with power cable,
mouse and keyboard and guaranteed for three months.

Specifications:  (Full Specs Typical Below:)   

HP Intel Dual Core or Quad Core Processor, 4 - 8 GB RAM, 100 - 200 GB HDD,
Windows 7 Ultimate Pre Installed or Win 10 Pro, Free Antivirus,
Anti-Spyware & Anti Malware.

From $150.00 Delivered to your door!
* Prices vary depending on exact model of machine, onboard chipset,
hard drive
size installed and additional software requested by customer.

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